Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of community rewards are being offered?
There will be multiple reward programs, involving referrals, social media campaigns and contests over the coming months. Details will be coming in the next couple of weeks.
How much will a HashPuppy cost at the game launch?
This is something that has not yet been decided, and we will not announce it beforehand. But you should know we intend to keep the game affordable, and we will likely be following the model of in-game purchases rather than relying on a high initial cost for a user to get started in the game as a revenue stream.
Is info on community awards for a puppy out yet?
Information will be coming in January or February 2018.
How do I get a puppy token from community participation?
We want people to be active-- and positive-- contributors in our community. Many of you are actively answering questions for others, asking to contribute on the dev side and giving us solid ideas about the game and we're taking note of all of this! We'll have more solid guidelines in the coming months for the community rewards program.
Do you know how the token will map to a puppy? Will it be randomly generated when you claim your puppy or will the tokens all be made so they hold the code to make a specific puppy?
The pool of non-fungible tokens that will be the basis of the puppy DNA will be pre-generated. We haven't decided yet if the redemption will get you a specific puppy of choice from the pool based on visible appearance or whether it's luck of the draw.
Several new Ethereum blockchain games have appeared over the past few weeks. Why is HashPuppies taking so long?
Rather than rush to launch a "ponzi-with-pictures" cash grab on Neo, we've decided to build an actual game with interactive graphical gameplay. Neo is a different platform than Ethereum, and we want to demonstrate its advantages and show that blockchain gaming has real potential in the long run.


When is the first possible date for me to exchange my RHT token for a Gen0 puppy?
On the day the game is released! Our website has our timeline. You'll also be able to buy as many puppies as you'd like using your GAS.
I had exactly 100 NEO in my wallet and feel unfairly excluded from the airdrop. Why are you leaving out the biggest supporters of Neo?
No one is left out of the opportunity to play the game - either you will be able to participate in the community rewards program, or you can choose not to, and just buy a puppy on day one. Again, we want the game to be affordable to play, and it will not cost you a significant amount of your NEO/GAS to buy a puppy on day one. Our goal with the airdrop was to build interest in the Neo ecosystem by people who are the newest to it, people who haven't already told all of their friends and family about it. In doing so, we hope to make your 100 NEO much more valuable in the long run than the price of a single token.
Why does my wallet show 0.00000001 RHT instead of 1?
This is due to a bug in the neon-js library that your wallet depends on - this is already fixed in the neon-js development branch and should not be an issue in new wallet releases.
I don't want my token, can I trade it to someone else?
It's a NEP-5 token, you can send it to/from any wallet/exchange that supports the contract.
Which wallets support RHT right now?
Theoretically any wallet that supports NEP-5 tokens and allows you to add the contract hash above. However support for NEP-5 is still an experimental feature or not available at all in many wallet programs. This situation should improve in the coming weeks. As of Jan 5th, neo gui and are the only supporting wallets for the $RHT. Morpheus and NEON 0.0.9 should be supporting the $RHT soon.
What is the token symbol?
RHT (Redeemable Hashpuppy Token)
What is the contract hash for the token?
Is it possible to participate in the airdrop if I've got too much neo?
No, those addresses have already been determined. You have to wait for the rewards programs for your next chance. And remember, these are just free tokens to redeem for a puppy when the game launches. You can always participate in the game and we plan on keeping the game affordable.
Why the limitation of 99 NEO? Why aren't people who believe and are invested more in the NEO blockchain not rewarded more?
Think about it this way - long time holders are already incentivized to evangelize about Neo, and the price goes up slowly. But introduce a lot of small-time newcomers to Neo for the first time, and get them excited about the platform, and the long time holders earn way more from the corresponding increase in demand for NEO/GAS than they would from just getting a single airdrop token thrown their way.
I have my NEO on my Ledger Nano S, and I know that I can't hold NEP-5 tokens on my NEON wallet yet, how would I claim my puppy when it gets airdropped?
NEON Wallet .8 is due to have NEP5 tokens, and as of December 27th, 2017, the update is coming soon.
How much will Generation-0 HashPuppies cost on the day of the game release?
The price for Redeemable HashPuppy Token holders will always be 1 Token = 1 HashPuppy! The equivalent price in GAS will be determined at a later date to consider the gameplay elements and other factors. It will not be publicly announced prior to the game launch.
Is a Redeemable HashPuppy Token NEP-5 compatible?
Yes, the token was created to be compatible with the latest NEP-5/NEP-5.1 standard created by NEX, with a couple of additional features to support an airdrop distribution and later redemption by another smart contract.
Why an airdrop? Is the presale still happening?
With the current regulatory uncertainty around ICOs, we were not confident that we would be able to allow everyone who wanted to participate to be a part of the presale, especially citizens of Singapore, China and the U.S. This didn’t seem particularly fair, so we’re just going to give away the first batch of puppies to qualifying NEO addresses instead of holding a presale.
I didn’t have any NEO transactions during the qualifying window of time for the airdrop, I only claimed GAS during that time, am I left out?
Good news! In order to claim GAS your wallet would have to send all your NEO to yourself, so if that’s true, you did send NEO and you do qualify!
I programmatically generated over 100,000 addresses while spamming the blockchain with transactions of exactly 0.01 GAS, will I get any puppies?
No, that’s really not cool. Stop doing that. This is why we can’t have nice things.
I have more than 100 NEO in my wallet, why am I excluded?
Uh, we think you can afford to buy a puppy when the game is released. The airdrop is more about rewarding newcomers to Neo who are just here to play a game and/or learn about Neo, not serious investors.
I never moved the NEO I bought during December to a wallet, I kept it in an exchange. Will I still get a puppy?
If the exchange kept your NEO in a separate wallet and it otherwise qualifies, then the exchange technically owns your Redeemable HashPuppy Token. You could always ask them to credit it to your account, but it is unlikely. This is an important point about using exchanges — if you don’t hold the private key, then you don’t really own the NEO!